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Design your Business Processes with Artificial Intelligence

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The use cases and the value that Artificial Intelligence solutions provide are usually more focused on responding to very specific needs. Through AI, your business can empower employees to focus their work on tasks of value, allow faster adaption to changes and provide valuable information at all levels of the company.

Currently, the most common use cases for AI projects are those related to the automation of repetitive tasks, biometric or image facial recognition, natural language processing or customer classification and segmentation. But these are not the only use cases for this technology. Any project that involves the exploitation of large volumes of information and allows behavior to be predicted can be a good example of how AI can give much more value in a good number of contexts.

The first important idea is that AI solves specific, well-defined problems well. AI works well in controlled environments and given specific challenges. Problems that together seem incomprehensible, but seeing them separately and being able to limit them, can be solved with Artificial Intelligence techniques. Another key idea is that AI is not only applied to automate processes and replace people. Although there are processes that can be automated, AI can be a very effective tool to enhance human work, making it much more efficient. Businesses don't need AI to become something new that they don't yet understand. They need it to develop their strengths and become what they already are, only better. Therefore, understanding its implications and what we want to use it for is essential to know how to implement artificial intelligence in your company.

Artificial intelligence projects need a clear and defined approach to avoid creating expectations that will not be met later. In addition, it is necessary that all those involved in the project are aware of the level of dedication that they will have to contribute during the different phases of the project. It is necessary to develop a strategy to prepare the organization for the use of AI, defining how and where to implement this type of project, preparing the company for changes in culture, training the employees and complying with different regulations.

The capabilities of artificial intelligence allow solutions to be provided at all levels of the company, and in all sectors, from administration, through logistics, operations, maintenance, marketing and finance.

If you haven’t already, its time to empower your business with Artificial Intelligence.

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