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How digilocker integration can secure your business

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DigiLocker and other digital locker systems are becoming increasingly popular among businesses looking to securely store and access important documents. You can benefit from improved security, greater convenience, and lower costs by incorporating DigiLocker into your business operations.

One of the primary benefits of using a digital locker system is that it allows you to securely store your documents in the cloud. This means your documents are safe from physical harm or loss, as well as unauthorized access. Your documents are encrypted in a digital locker and can only be accessed by authorized personnel via a secure login. This helps prevent data breaches and ensures that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized individuals.

Another advantage of using a digital locker system is that you can access your documents from any location at any time. This is especially useful for businesses with multiple locations or employees who work from home. With a digital locker, your employees can access the documents they require from any location. Employees can easily share and access important information, which can help to improve productivity and collaboration.

A digital locker system can help your business save money in addition to improving security and convenience. DigiLocker and other digital locker systems are typically much less expensive than traditional paper-based storage systems. This is due to the fact that they take up less physical space and require less labor to manage and maintain. Furthermore, because employees can access the documents they need electronically, digital locker systems can help reduce the costs associated with printing and distributing documents.

Overall, incorporating a digital locker system like DigiLocker into your business operations can provide a number of advantages. It has the potential to improve security, increase convenience, and lower costs. You can help ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your business by securely storing and easily accessing your important documents.

Key features of Digital Lockers

DigiLocker is a digital locker service offered by the Government of India that allows individuals to electronically store important documents and certificates. DigiLocker's key features include:

Ease of access: Users can access their DigiLocker documents from any device that has an internet connection. This enables users to access their documents at any time and from any location.

Electronic verification: DigiLocker enables users to electronically verify their documents, eliminating the need for physical copies. This is useful in situations where users must provide proof of their documents, such as when applying for a passport or a driver's license.

Integration with government services: DigiLocker is integrated with various government services, allowing users to easily access and share documents with government agencies. This can save users time and effort when providing proof of documents to government agencies.

Document sharing: DigiLocker users can easily share their documents with others, such as their employer or a financial institution. This can save users time and effort when providing proof of their documents to others.

Harrier is a DigiLocker integration partner developed by NeGD (National e-Governance Division, India). DigiLocker is an important component of the Digital India Program. Harrier offers secure online document storage and retrieval.

DigiLocker offers a cloud-based virtual vault for document storage and sharing. The goal of Digital Locker is to reduce the use of physical documents while allowing for the sharing of e-documents across agencies. The e-documents will be distributed through registered repositories, ensuring the online authenticity of the documents. Residents can also use the e-sign facility to upload their own electronic documents and digitally sign them. These digitally signed documents can be shared with government agencies and other organizations.

The DigiLocker system is now considered a successful component of the Digital India campaign. Harrier can integrate your current application with DigiLocker, allowing your customers to share documents with ease. We can also assist organizations in creating their own repositories within the DigiLocker system, as well as developing a gateway to access documents across repositories.

Our expertise will facilitate your DigiLocker Integration process, from obtaining an API key to successfully going live.

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